Hair Transplant Melbourne

International patients, particularly from Asian countries, like Singapore, Malaysia, China and Hong Kong are viHair transplantssiting our Melbourne clinic to undergo our unique comprehensive anti-aging treatments that combine Hair Transplant Surgery with the latest Regenerative Medical procedures, including Autologous Intravenous Stem Cell Therapy, peptide management programs and advanced Photo-Activated PRP Skin Resurfacing, says Hair Transplant Surgeon and Cosmetic Physician of Melbourne, Dr Rhett Bosnich. Continue reading

Hair Loss Clinics – How to choose a reputable one

Hair loss treatmentLosing hair can be demoralizing for both men and women.

While some people are not bothered by it, many are motivated enough to at least explore their available treatment options. Some of these people are so stressed about their thinning hair that they may believe anything that they are told. This makes them easy targets for hair loss clinics that care more about making a sale than actually delivering an expected positive outcome for the patient. Continue reading

FUE – Eliminating the Risk of Linear Hair Transplant Scars

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) methods for harvesting hair follicles during Hair Transplant Surgery allows patients to regain significantly thicker hair without the risk of unsightly linear scarring, says Hair Transplant Surgeon of Melbourne, Dr Rhett Bosnich.

Hair TransplantDr Bosnich owns and operates the Newin Institute in Melbourne, Australia’s leading clinic combining hair transplant surgery and cosmetic regenerative medicine (non-surgical hair restoration, using PRP and Stem Cell Therapy). Dedicated to the art of Hair Transplant Surgery, Dr Rhett Bosnich (ABHRS) is Australia’s leading surgeon in both the FUG strip method and the FUE method of extracting hair follicles for transplantation to treat male and pattern baldness. He and the team at Newin Institute also treat hair loss in the eyebrows, to help both men and women achieve a thicker and fuller set of eyebrows that frame and balance the face. Continue reading

Stem Cell Therapy – For Hair Loss

Stem Cell TherpyStem Cell therapy has many applications in clinical medicine and is being researched extensively around the world for safe future medical applications.

At Newin Institute, Dr Rhett Bosnich has undergone training and instruction in Stem Cell Therapy. He is a trainer in Stem Cell Therapy for AdiStem Pty Ltd. He trains doctors from Australia and overseas in the AdiStem Stem Cell Therapy technique. This technique has multiple applications for a variety of medical conditions.

Within Newin Institute, Dr Rhett Bosnich focuses on the use of Stem Cell Therapy for hair rejuvenation, facial rejuvenation, and he also uses it for simple orthopedic issues. In the USA almost 50% of Stem Cell Therapy are for orthopedic injuries or musculoskeletal injuries. Continue reading