Stem Cell Therapy – For Hair Loss

Stem Cell TherpyStem Cell therapy has many applications in clinical medicine and is being researched extensively around the world for safe future medical applications.

At Newin Institute, Dr Rhett Bosnich has undergone training and instruction in Stem Cell Therapy. He is a trainer in Stem Cell Therapy for AdiStem Pty Ltd. He trains doctors from Australia and overseas in the AdiStem Stem Cell Therapy technique. This technique has multiple applications for a variety of medical conditions.

Within Newin Institute, Dr Rhett Bosnich focuses on the use of Stem Cell Therapy for hair rejuvenation, facial rejuvenation, and he also uses it for simple orthopedic issues. In the USA almost 50% of Stem Cell Therapy are for orthopedic injuries or musculoskeletal injuries.Hair transplant sydneyStem Cell Therapy is safe, and only utilizes your own adult stem cell from your abdominal fat; so it is called an autologous procedure. A proprietary technique is used to extract, activate and re-introduce these Stem Cells into the appropriate area to have a clinical effect.

With regards to Stem Cell Therapy for hair loss the activated Stem Cell area injected into the scalp in the areas of hair loss in suitable individuals.

Hair transplant sydneyWith regards to Stem Cell Therapy for facial rejuvenation, Dr Rhett Bosnich injects the activated Stem Cells intra dermally into the face to rejuvenate the skin. Further information can be found at our link at

For joint injections, Dr Rhett Bosnich only focuses on larger accessible joints (e.g. Knees, ankles, etc.) or musculoskeletal injuries. He combines Stem Cell Therapy with individualized peptide protocols to achieve longer standing outcomes.

Obviously before any patient undergoes Stem Cell Therapy at Newin Institute they are required to have a consultation and comprehensive assessment by Dr Rhett Bosnich, so that he can determine whether such treatment is appropriate and if it will be of any benefit to the patient. To contact our clinic regarding Stem Cell Therapy, please phone +61 3 96939200.


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