Hair Loss Clinics – How to choose a reputable one

Hair loss treatmentLosing hair can be demoralizing for both men and women.

While some people are not bothered by it, many are motivated enough to at least explore their available treatment options. Some of these people are so stressed about their thinning hair that they may believe anything that they are told. This makes them easy targets for hair loss clinics that care more about making a sale than actually delivering an expected positive outcome for the patient.

After the client has excitedly handed over their money and opted for the clinic’s recommended treatment, they often find out the hard way that what was promised to them initially did sound too good to be true. They notice little to no visible results or they got sold into buying a hair piece they don’t really want.

Due to the negative experience, they end up with a bad taste in their mouth and label the entire hair loss industry as dishonest and full of dirty salesman. Suddenly legitimate hair loss clinics are put into the same category as used car salesman and real estate agents. The biggest issue is that to treat hair loss, people commonly look in wrong directions and are putting their faith in an unqualified salesman rather than genuinely qualified Doctor.

With so many hair loss clinics out there with impressive looking websites that promise to regain your hair back, the question is how do you pick an honest clinic over many of the not so honest? It can be challenging, however below are a few guides you may want to refer to.

The following indicators act as warning signs:

  1. NO Doctors (only salesman) work at the clinic

The most popular and proven treatments for hair loss are prescription medications such as finasteride and dutasteride, hair transplantation surgery and PRP treatment.

Only Doctors are medically qualified to prescribe medication and provide advice about medical or surgical procedures.

Understand that Doctors have a code of ethics to follow. They also have a reputation to protect and are responsible for providing the client with accurate and honest medical advice that is not misleading in anyway.

Salesmen do not have to follow any medical protocol guidelines. They do not put their name in jeopardy should they mislead a client and they are more likely to “hard sell” you a treatment rather than “educate” you about your best options.

Hair Transplant SydneyTypically you will see terms on hair loss clinic websites such as “experienced professionals” or “hair loss specialists” without any mention of a qualified Doctor. Or perhaps the mention that the services of Doctors are used, or stock images of a man that looks like a doctor (wearing a white lab coat) are on the website but no doctor names are outlined anywhere. If you ask these clinics for the names of these supposed Doctors, they will never provide you with any.

For peace of mind, you are best to seek advice from a qualified Doctor who is experienced and trained in the given treatment.

  1. Super Cheap Treatment Prices

Understand that prices are a direct reflection of supply and demand. If the clinic has a good reputation and they consistently deliver good results they will be reasonably busy. Therefore their prices will be around the market rate for treatments such as hair transplantation surgery or PRP injections.

However, if for example a clinic that normally charges $900 for PRP injections is suddenly offering the same treatment for $199, this raises alarm bells. It may demonstrate that times are tough. It also indicates that if you were to be assessed by that clinic, the need to make a sale may be much more important to the salesman than providing the correct information eg a salesman will be less inclined to tell the client that their baldness is too advanced to possibly benefit from PRP treatment.

So be wary of super low prices, whether it is for surgery or PRP treatment. Low prices often indicate a lack of demand.

  1. Hard Sell Testimonials

Have you ever read a testimonial on a website and questioned whether it was actually written by a patient or perhaps by the business owner themselves? Rather than being just a few simple sentences about the good service and positive results, the testimonial really pushes on how incredible the service and the results were. That the hair looks so thick and the results surpassed their initial expectations. Often they will state that they sought treatment elsewhere unsuccessfully and that the representative spent much more time and was more honest than any other clinic.

It should also be noted that Doctors and Medical Professionals in Australia must adhere to a code of conduct with their advertising. Under Australian Law they are not allowed to provide testimonials on their website or advertising, and can face fines for doing so.

“Hard sell testimonials” have to be taken with a grain of salt, and a full name rarely appears next to the writing, so they really don’t hold much merit.

If you are looking for a genuine recommendation about all of your hair loss treatment options, you owe it to yourself to ensure you only speak to an experienced and qualified Hair Restoration doctor. It’s they only way to find out what medical or surgical treatment is available that can be tailored to your individual needs.

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