Hair Transplant Melbourne

International patients, particularly from Asian countries, like Singapore, Malaysia, China and Hong Kong are viHair transplantssiting our Melbourne clinic to undergo our unique comprehensive anti-aging treatments that combine Hair Transplant Surgery with the latest Regenerative Medical procedures, including Autologous Intravenous Stem Cell Therapy, peptide management programs and advanced Photo-Activated PRP Skin Resurfacing, says Hair Transplant Surgeon and Cosmetic Physician of Melbourne, Dr Rhett Bosnich.

Dr Bosnich owns and operates the Newin Institute Hair Transplant Melbourne Clinic and also practices in Sydney out of the Star Cosmetic Medicine clinic, in Pyrmont. Newin Institute is Australia’s leading clinic in combining hair transplant surgery and cosmetic regenerative medicine (non-surgical hair restoration, using Peptides, PRP and Stem Cell Therapy).
Dr Rhett Bosnich (ABHRS) is a full-time Hair Transplant Surgeon and Cosmetic Physician with a special interest in PA-PRP and Stem Cell technology. He is dedicated to developing and refining these Regenerative Medical techniques for application with Hair Transplant Surgery. He is also Australia’s leading surgeon in both the FUG strip method and the FUE method of extracting hair follicles for transplantation to treat male and female pattern baldness and eyebrow restoration.

hair transplants“I recently attended the Annual ISHRS Hair Transplant conference held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia while consulting some of my International patients there.” says Dr Bosnich. “What’s really exciting is that, little by little, Hair Transplant Surgeons from around the globe are starting to embrace and accept that there is a definite role for Platelet Rich Plasma Technology in Hair Transplant surgery and non-surgical Hair Restoration. I have been applying Photo-Activated PRP and Stem Cell Technology in Hair Transplant Surgery in Melbourne for at least 3 years now, so I have long know and seen the benefits of combining these methods for hair loss treatment. At Newin Institute we pride ourselves on being well ahead of the times and our Asian patients know that. We know our Asian patients are always the first to seek out the latest, most advanced and effective anti-aging and medical treatments, so we are committed to constantly developing and refining our techniques and services.”

Dr Bosnich says that his Asian and Asian-based patients are also willing to travel the distance just to be assured they are getting exactly what they want and pay for. Traveling to Melbourne for treatment is not concerning for them because they respect level of the skill, artistry and experience of Dr Bosnich and his team at Newin Institute.

“Our International clientele are always astounded by our before and after photos and comment that they are by far and away the best photos they have seen for Hair Transplant and Eyebrow Transplant Surgery, as well as PA-PRP/Stem Cell Hair Restoration. So it’s really inspiring to know that we function at a truly world-class standard. We arrange everything for them when they come for their procedures and we endeavor to make their stay a great experience. They are always complimentary about the stellar level of service from start to finish,”says Dr Bosnich. “In fact, we have multi-lingual staff, including staff that are fluent in Mandarin, and we have a page on our website dedicated to providing downloadable tourist information about Melbourne, available in Chinese and a number of other languages.”

Dr Bosnich is a diplomate of the world’s most prestigious international Hair Transplant training program: the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgeons. He performs the largest hair transplant surgeries in Australia, and is one of the only surgeonsin AustHair transplant Melbourneralia that is proficiently and regularly performing both hair transplant methods:FUG and FUE.

View our Hair Transplant Melbourne page for information about what to see, eat and do while having your hair transplant in Melbourne. Call +61 3 9693 9200 for a personal appointment with Dr Rhett Bosnich in Melbourne, Sydney or Internationally.

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