Reconstructive Cosmetic Surgery

People may opt to have cosmetic surgery for many varied reasons, but reconstructive cosmetic surgery to improve or repair a physical disfigurement by far has the most impact on restoring a person’s self-esteem. There can be no doubt that quality surgical result will lead to improved emotional well- being says Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr Rhett Bosnich, Fellow of the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery (FFMACCS).

Dr Rhett Bosnich is the owner and Medical Director of the Newin Institute in Melbourne and Sydney and is one of the leading authorities in Hair Transplant Surgery and Cosmetic Regenerative Medicine. He is a prestigious graduate of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgeons (ABHRS) and principal Trainer in Regenerative and Stem Cell therapies for Adistem, a world-leading bio pharmaceutical company specializing in PRP and Stem Cell technology.

A new study of 800 subjects, published in the USA journal “Clinical Psychological Science” found that quality plastic/cosmetic surgery can result in people experiencing a greater sense of joy in life, improved self-esteem, and a higher sense of life satisfaction. Within the group these subjects all had similar initial levels of mental health and overall life satisfaction. So imagine the life-changing boost to the self-confidence of someone who has experienced mild to severe physical disfigurement.

Dr Bosnich is a highly trained and experienced Hair Transplant Surgeon, Cosmetic Laser Surgeon and Regenerative Physician. He is one of only three Australian Hair Transsmall_DrBosnich.PRPFacialRejuvenation.2plant Surgeons who is a diplomat of the ABHRS.

“Restoring the self-confidence of someone who has been profoundly affected by a physical disfigurement is the most rewarding achievement you can experience as a doctor or surgeon,” Dr Bosnich says. “We don’t push people into surgery or treatment. We like to take time to understand what a person wants to achieve from medical intervention, whether that’s emotional or physical – or both. We are focused on quality results and we certainly wouldn’t proceed with a treatment if we feel we can’t meet that person’s expectations. That philosophy is evermore important in someone who already experienced any degree of disfigurement, whether congenital, as a result of a traumatic accident or a surgical scar.”

“We perform many reconstructive hair transplant surgeries for a variety of causes. Some people are born with unnaturally high or oddly shaped frontal hairlines that bother them, or are born with thin fine eyebrows which we can easily restore if there is sufficient hair at the back of the scalp and no underlying medical condition. Others have had a traumatic or surgical scar through an eyebrow or scalp area that won’t grow hair and we are able to implant the hairless area with hair from another part of the head or body to restore the eyebrow or bald area.” he says.


“However, the most satisfying case of hair transplant surgery our team at Newin Institute has performed was on a young male who had been electrocuted as a child. He had suffered electrical burns to the scalp that were so severe the hair follicles in the affected area were permanently damaged and the area was permanently bald. This type of condition is called “Cicatricial or Scarring Alopecia”. Because the man had a good supply of hair from the back of the head, we were able to transplant a large number of new follicles into the scarred area and restore the hair density so that the disfigurement was covered and visually unnoticeable. It’s easy to imagine how dramatically that result changed his life, self-confidence and mental health.”

Dr Bosnich is one of the few Cosmetic Surgeons in Australia who also has a special interest in regenerative anti-ageing through the use of pep-tides, PRP and Stem Cell technologies for anti-ageing, hair restoration and facial rejuvenation.


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