PRP Treatment in Sydney

The number of enquirers received in relation to PRP treatment is always increasing at Newin Institute – especially in Sydney. Whether it be for hair loss, joint treatment or facial rejuvenation treatment, more and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of PRP. The term PRP stands for “Platelet Rich Plasma” and involves separating the components of blood, extracting the platelets from the blood that contain growth factors and after a few other procedural steps concludes by having the PRP injected into the treatment area.

At Newin Institute about 3 in every 4 patients notice the real benefits of PRP. It may be a thickening of their weak hairs, pain relief within their treated joints or healthier and more glowing skin. The positive word of mouth and common mention from new clients that they personally know one of our satisfied PRP Sydney patients who recommended Dr Rhett Bosnich, explains why the popularity of PRP treatment at Newin Institute just keeps growing.2578b37

Dr Rhett Bosnich consults clients and performs PRP injections in Sydney on a regular basis. Our Sydney consulting/treatment rooms are located in Pyrmont which is located only a few minutes drive from the Sydney CBD or a 20 minute walk from Town Hall train station.

If you are interested in PRP for hair loss, facial rejuvenation or joint pain relief you can have an appointment with Dr Rhett Bosnich in Melbourne or Sydney. Simply call us on 03 9693 2200.


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